February 28, 2011

Home Decor

Sneak Peek!
It pays to SEW when it comes to Home Decor!
I'm excited to show you what I'm sewing!
Stay tuned....

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February 27, 2011

Last Chance to enter: Seasons Of Giving Giveaway

(Fun and Done Quilt made by Annie Moore Creations)
Seasons Of Giving Giveaway ends tomorrow February 28th.
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February 25, 2011

Nothing Is Better Than Time In A Quilt Shop

It's always a fun day when time is spent in a QUILT SHOP.
Last week, I was able to visit my daughter in Washington.

We checked out shops in her area. We were happy to find some wonderful shops.

I feel sad, I took a camera and didn't even get it out of my suitcase.

(Sorry Brenda)

I did buy some great patterns that I haven't seen before. I wish I would have taken pictures, the samples in the shops were WONDERFUL.

The quality was superb.
This pattern below is by
Chickadee Hollow Design.

They are Vintage Ornaments.

The pattern includes one pre-printed, pre-colored design on tan fabric.

You add warm-n-natural batting and a backing, do the needle work and a blanket stitch around the edge and it's finished.

I know it is to early to think about Christmas. This is one I couldn't pass up.They also have Easter Designs.

We found a great shop that carried Crab-apple Hill patterns.
This is a project bag with pleasing embroidery. It is definitely eye candy.

Another great pattern by Crab-apple Hill.
Vintage Candy Cane Snowman pillow.
The pillow in the store was so cute.

One more pattern by Crab-apple Hill.
"Over the River and Through the Woods"
It is a wall hanging and measures 51 x 57.
My pictures just don't give it justice.
It was hanging in the shop and I absolutely fell in love with it.
It was done in black and creams, and then tea dyed to blend all the colors.
By far, my favorite of everything we saw.

As you can tell I have a long way to go with photography skills.

My DH has always taken the pictures. So I apologize.
Check out the Crab-apple Hill website. It is a great site.

Life is Good

Annie Moore

February 24, 2011

Seasons Of Giving Giveaway

From Two sisters coming together with sewing projects to share
for HOME and FAMILY.
"Sew A Little Happiness"
We are choosing to CELEBRATE THE SEASONS since we love to
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February 23, 2011

Reversible Skirt Tutorial for Baby

Welcome Friends!

This is a simple reversible baby skirt to make for a baby girl. The size will fit up to 3 months. You can adjust the size according to your skirt length and waist measurement. I love it, because it is quick and makes a great baby gift! Follow along, the pictures will give you step by step directions on what to do. If you are beginning to sew, this little BABY skirt will make you proud!

1. Materials: 1/4 yard fabric in two different coordinating fabrics and 3/8 inch elastic.
(Press your fabric before cutting.)

2. If you are using the same fabric for both sides of skirt, use 1/2 yard and cut in half.

3. Place right sides together and sew a 5/8 inch seam. You are sewing along the top edge lengthwise.

4. The photo above shows you how to place the right sides of fabric together and SEW.

5. Press your seam open so it lays nice and flat.
You now have one long piece of fabric measuring approx. 18" X 44/45 inches with two patterns of fabrics

6. Fold the fabric so you create a tube(bring the two ends together) with right sides together, sew a 5/8 inch seam.

7. Turn your fabrics to the right side. and press.

8.Measure top of skirt equally around the skirt, fold over and pin.
9. You are measuring to the size your elastic will fit through your elastic casing.
10. Repeat for both fabrics and pin. Press.

11. Sew a edge around the top of skirt approx 1/4 inch, this will give your skirt a tiny ruffle around the waist. Be sure to leave a opening to thread your elastic through.

12. Measure your elastic on top of your skirt and pin. This is your guide to sewing a second stitch around your skirt for the casing.

13. Thread you casing through your skirt casing with a large safety pin secured to your elastic.
14. Sew the casing closed. You are finished!

You now have a Reversible Skirt with two sides of different fabrics!
Great for Spring and Summer!
It's time for Ice Cream!

February 22, 2011

Countdown To Christmas

Designed by Sweetwater for Moda Fabrics.

"Countdown To Christmas"

Available June 2011

I love the patterns and color choices.

What Fun this fabric will be!
Happy Holidays!

February 21, 2011

Plush Bird Pattern

I think these birds are so cool!

I want to make some for my Twig branches.

You can find the PDF plush bird pattern to download HERE.

I think these adroable birds would be great for a table centerpiece for Spring.

I'm going to make some! Come join me!

Have a beautiful day!

Love, Brenda

Give Away Winner!

Congratulations to Cindy from
You are the winner of the Mary Engelbrite Handmade Bag and
Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Sewing Book for Home and Family!
We are so Happy for you!
Thank you to everyone who entered.
We have one more Give Away for the month of February.
Details coming soon!
(Cindy, please email us with your shipping information).

February 19, 2011

Quilt Tutorial

Do you have a lot of fabric scraps that are looking at you and saying "Do something with me"? Here is an idea that may be of help. This quilt is easy and works up fast!


Fabric scraps for squares (48), approx।

1 1/4 to 1 1/2 yards of white,
1 1/2 yards for backing
1/2 yard for binding.
This quilt was made with 4" squares.

The beauty of creating your own is you can actually use any size square you want as long as you are consistent with the same size throughout this project. A CHARM PACK (5 inch square) would work wonderful and you already have the squares cut out. Even a LAYER CAKE (10 inch square) would work. You would adjust your white fabric measurements to fit the square size.
In this particular quilt there are 48 pink 4 " squares. It measures 37X47. Great for a baby quilt.

After you have your squares cut out ....... you are ready to cut the rectangles (the white fabric on this quilt). For this quilt I cut 2" strips the width of the fabric. ( from fold edge to selvage edge) Cut approx. 5 strips 2" x width of fabric. From these strips cut (42) 2" x 4" rectangle.

Okay now we have the squares and the rectangles. Now take a white rectangle and place it on the pink square lining the edges together. Sew a 1/4 inch seam along that edge.

Press seam to the dark ( pink square)
Add a pink square to the other side of white rectangle. Keep doing this until you have a row of six pink squares.

Press toward the dark. Make eight rows.
Now you are ready for sashing. Measure the six square row and cut seven 2" strips this length.
You are now ready to sew the rows to the sashing.
I am showing two rows of just two squares. When making the quilt you would use your rows of six square and five rectangles. When pinning the sashing to the row of squares start by pinning each end and then the middle and then pin each seam . You are redy to sew.

Continue sewing your sashing to your squares. Sew your rows together, press seams to one side after sewing each row. You will have 8 rows of six squares, which uses up 48 squares.
Come back for a continued tutorial on borders and binding.

The combination of color, pattern and design make this quilt fun to make.
We would love to see your finished quilts. Feel free to email us.
Thanks for visiting. We appreciate all of you joining our new blog! :)
Anne Moore Creations
Time is running out for Handmade Mary Engelbrite BAG and Heartfelt Creations Giveaway!

How to Quilt: Sashing Tips From "Quilting Quickly" with Jenny Doan

A New Look!

Hello Friends!

We may look a little different here at Sew A little Happiness! We give special thanks and a big
"SHOUT OUT" to Krystal from Sassy Sanctuary! She has worked her magic into something we love! It's a pleasure to work with kyrstal, she is patient and works diligently to get your design completed and installed. How do you like our new look?

As you can see, we favor the color purple. Our Dear Mother loved the color purple, it was her favorite color, she also loved purple flowers. We give tribute to our Mother in anyway we can, she filled our home with beauty and love. We miss her.

I'm excited to say that we have our first Quilt Tutorial from Annette! This is a great quilt for quick and easy. A great quilt for a baby! I'm excited. I'm going to make this same quilt pattern using Mary Engelbrite squares with black and white polka dot sashing. I will show you when it is completed. (It's added to the sewing "Want To Do" list.)

Thanks for visiting!
Love, Brenda

February 17, 2011

Sewing Tools

Hello Friends...Welcome to Sewing Tools
The Slice Fabrique

It's always a great day when a quilting magazine arrives in the mail. I just smile from ear to ear knowing I am going to have a few minutes of my time no matter what is going on. Just a quick browse will suffice until I can really dive into the magizine. "Fons & Porter's Love of Quilting " did that for me this week. I found a new gadget that caught my eye.

The Slice allows you to cut fusible applique pieces in no time using the portable, lightweight Slice Fabrique. It's easy to use-just insert a design card, select a shape, and press a button! Design cards include more than one hundred designs that can be adjusted to four sizes. Each design card includes the alphabet and numbers, and assorted theme shapes such as music and dance, farm life, holiday, jungle, and more.

You can also see video demonstrations on Home Decor, Scrap booking, Cards and many more ideas. It's a wonderful tool that can be used for Scrap booking and Quilts! We want one!

Don't forget to enter our Handmade Mary Engelbrite Reversible BAG and Marie Osmond's Heartfelt Sewing Book for Home and Family GIVEAWAY going on until Monday!

Thanks for visiting!
Come back and visit "Fun Friday"
Life Is Good
Annie Moore

February 14, 2011

NEW Give Away/Heartfelt Creations for Home and Family

Good News to everyone!
We are starting another GIVEAWAY TODAY, RIGHT NOW!
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A Handmade Mary Engelbrite Bag

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Mary Engelbrite Handmade Bag

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