March 17, 2011


This is a great "reference tool" to have around.
I found this book a couple of months ago.
It has become a handy resource to have around.
It answers many questions.... and the layout is
simple and easy to follow.
It has charts for cutting half and quarter-square triangles.
for example: if you want your half square triangle to be 5 inches... instead of doing the math
refer to the chart and you know that you need to cut your square 5 7/8.
It has yardage for bindings, borders, quilt backing and many more.
It can be ordered from their website:
They also have it available as an e-book
Which can be downloaded as a pdf and you can start reading it instantly.
Its a great find!

Have a great day.
Annie Moore


Bethany said...

That sounds like something I need! Too much of my quilt math is trial and error--not good!

Brenda said...

I want one! I think I need one!
Happy St Patricks Day everyone!

Brenda said...

Hello Sister!
I'm back to say I just purchased one! The reviews are very good, I could't pass it up! Now, I won't have to bug you as much! ha ha

Candace said...

That's something I need!