March 7, 2011

The Birds Sing Good Morning

Hello Friends!
How do you do today?

Do you remember the Bird pattern I posted a few weeks ago?

I tried the pattern and I must say, I'm sewing up a flock!
They are super easy and so FUN to make!
I'm going to make a Spring Easter Tree with my birds.
My kids have picked their favorite fabrics from my fabrics scraps.

My boys are wanting flames, motorcycles and all that boy stuf
It's kind of funny!

My youngest daughter picked the pink polka dots with ABC's
My tree will certainly have personality!

Have a beautiful day from the Leafy Treetops!

Thank you for your cupcake orders!


Bethany said...

Oh those are so adorable it hurts!!!
I should make a few for my mother for spring--she'd love them! I should make some for my brother and sneak in his house and leave them around--he has a serious bird phobia. I'll probably just stick with using them for good instead of evil :)

Megan said...

Those look so cute! That curved seam on the body looks a little daunting to me but then again I'm not nearly the seamstress that you are. :)

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

They are so cute! They are only easy for one who sews! Some of us just have to enjoy the pictures. I hope you post a picture of the tree!

Nicole said...

Those are beautiful. I love how elegant birds are! I might have to make some of these! Great job!