February 11, 2011

Welcome To Fun Friday

I must say I'm excited to see all of your comments and enthusiasm about our new blog. I hope that you will all enjoy your visits with us.

I will be posting fun ideas, projects and places to see. Actually you never know just how the wheels are turning in my head. So anything is possible. Brenda has suggested that I tell you a little about myself. So where do I start......when I think of my childhood, memories of our dear Mother and grandmothers, quilting and sewing come to mind. All three of them loved to use their hands with crocheting, tatting, knitting, embroidery and of course creating with fabric.
As a child, I have many memories sitting under a handmade quilt, as my Grandmothers would be quilting and visiting with each other. I enjoyed listening to them visit with each other. Many of my school clothes were made by my Grandmothers. So I guess that handiwork or creating has always been a part of my life.
Our Grandmother knitted the pink and blue twin sweaters, Brenda is the baby girl with twin brother Brent. The pink dresses are also made by our Grandmother. The fourth child from the left- front row, looks familiar. I won't say the year this picture was taken??
Fast Forward 2011:
I have a husband and four children, three daughters and one son, three son-in-laws and four grandchildren. I truly adore and admire each one of them. I enjoy being with them. We are minus two grandchildren in this picture. Okay, enough about me and my personal life.
It's time for Fun Friday!
One of the first comments for the giveaway was a dear person wanting to see quilts. And my mind immediately went to a quilt that is so meaningful to me now. Years ago,when I thought I could be supermom, I had a brilliant idea to make my Mother a quilt for Christmas (along with making pj's and Christmas dresses and doll accessories).

Of course, just like any other year, I ran out of time.
I was able to get the quilt pieced together but not quilted. I felt so sad that I didn't get it finished. I was going to put it in the drawer and go shopping for another great gift for her. I just couldn't find anything that I wanted to give her. So I decided to give her the pieced top and the batting and the backing. I was so glad that I did. We ended up hand quilting it together. That is a cherished time for me. My mother had it hanging in her family room for many years.
This quilt is a treasure to me now. My Mother has since passed away. She was a beautiful quilter and I have her stitches in this quilt.
There are nine houses. The house in the middle represent Mom and Dad's house and the eight houses around it represent each one of their children. So, it goes to show that you never know when your craziness will turn into a treasure. The following picture is my brothers and sisters, all eight of us. Life is Good
Annie Moore


Julie Harward said...

What beautiful traditions of sewing and quilting and families! ;D

Jeff and Amanda said...

Cute post. This makes me want ot pull out my sewing machine and start creating.
It is great that you were able to quilt it with Grandma.

Brad and Candace said...

That quilt really is a treasure! That's such a neat story and I'm so glad you shared with us!:)

Brenda said...

I LOVE your quilt, I especially LOVE that you have Mom's quilting stitches in your quilt! What a keepsake! What a fun adventure we are on! ;D

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing!

I'm a new follower!

Karan said...

What a wonderful story of your quilt. I have the quilt my great grandmother pieced before the birth of my grandfather. Grandpa was born in 1906 and was only 4 when his mother passed away. The quilt had been pieced but never put together. My mom took it to an Amish store and bought vintage material and had the backing and quilting done by an Amish lady. My Grandfather passed in 1973 and I just lost mom last year. This quilt is something I will always treasure. And one day it will be passes down to one of my daughters.

Anonymous said...

I love looking at old family photos, its so wonderful to see loving families in a simpler time.