March 9, 2011

Something New To learn Everyday

We are all learning something new in the world of sewing and quilting!
I find inspiration all around me and something to learn daily.
Do you agree?

The best way to learn how to sew and quilt is to dive in!
It's OK to unpick, it's OK to mess up, it's OK to create something that you may find frustrating.
My kids remind me:
"If at first you don't succeed, try-try again!"
(Isn't it funny-what our kids teach us through life?).
You will learn, and the best way to learn is by DOING!

I keep telling myself, there are no police here, no one is going to give me a ticket for
sewing incorrectly or imperfections.
Freedom is in the world of sewing.
You may not feel it at times, but it really is!
Don't over whelm yourself, Create what you love!

During the February Giveaways, we had several comments about
quilting measurements of layer cakes, charm packs and so on.
Here are some helpful quilting measurements.

1 yard of 45 " fabric measures approx. 36" X 45"
1 yard of 54" fabric measures approx. 36" X 54"
Fat Quarter bundles: contains one of each print in a collection or a set
number of fat quarters that measure approx. 18" X 22"
Charm Pack: Contains 42 squares-Each Charm square is 5" X 5"

The following measurements pertain to Moda's Pre-cut fabric that you will see
in quilt stores everywhere! This information is helpful!
Dessert Roll: Contains 10 strips that are 5" X 45"

Honey Bun: Contains 40 strips-Each strip is 1 1/2" X 45"

Jelly Roll: Contains 40 strips-Each strip is 2 1/2" X 45"

Layer Cake: Contains 42 squares-Each Layer Cake square is 10" X 10"

Turnover: Contains 80-6" triangles(two of each print in a collection).

I love the Layer Cake fabrics, they are my favorite. If you have a fabric collection
that you LOVE, you can show off your fabrics in a simple way and bring a lot of
color and design to your Home Decorating.
I also love the simplicity of layer cakes.
This Fall Quilt was made with a Layer Cake.
I purchased my layer cake from Material Girl Quilts(see previous post).
One of my Favorite stores in Utah!
The fun of picking out fabric is having a sister that loves it as much as I do!
Annette and I like to find layer cakes and sew them together in one day, usually late at night.
Pepsi and laughter is key to staying awake!
Of course, Annette will drink water.
She is the healthy one. You will find her eating oatmeal and toast for breakfast.
I won't say what I'm having.
Sometimes, she will break down and have a Pepsi, but it is rare.

Sisters are fun!
I'm lucky to have three!


Bethany said...

I love precuts--I think they're a great way to get a little bit of everything without buying all that yardage.

Diane H said...

Beautiful Fall quilt! I have some charm packs but am still not sure what to do with them. Love the simplicity of just sewing them together - think I'll give that a try.

Betty Lou said...

Beautiful quilt, simple, but shows off the fabrics well. I haven't worked with a layer cake yet, will try, I like charms, jelly rolls, and of course fat quarters. It is so much fun to work with a complete collection.