March 10, 2011


Is it just a fact of life that
no matter how many times you organize your sewing space
it will only last a very short time?
I can only hope that someday, this picture could be my sewing room.

We are interested in tips that help to keep things in order
so everyone can spend more time sewing.
Share your ideas with all of us.
Let us know what has and hasn't worked for you.
Tell us what you have found to be helpful to you.

We love to hear your ideas.


Tanya said...

My husband built a wall of open shelving for my fabric and other things...okay, it's all fabric now! Love it!

Fabric Shelves

Bethany said...

I organized my fabric by size and color. I have used so much more of it since I've done this as I'm very aware of what I have. Since my sewing area is a corner of the dining room, I keep a set of those plastic drawers on wheels close by with all of the things I use most (threads, bobbins, etc.) so it's easy access. It's much more satisfying to sew when you're not knocking everything off the table.

Mimi Sue said...

I'm anxious to hear all the organizing tips. I'm in desperate need! Mimi

Candace said...

I think making it a priority is key. I haven't mastered that yet and that's why my sewing space is a mess!:) I like hearing what has worked for other people.