August 15, 2011


Are the seasons going by at a faster rate
or is it that I am slowing down?

I feel like summer just started
but the last few mornings has definitely

felt as if fall is in the air.

The Fall Season is my favorite of the four seasons,

BUT I am not ready for it to be here yet.

I must admit that I would like flip-flop weather

to stay around LONGER.

My daughter made this quilt and it is one of my favorites.

(actually any quilt made and finished is a favorite of mine)

It was fun to watch her pick out trims for each set of flip-flops.

Mother Nature will you give us more flip-flop weather?

1 comment:

Pink Princess said...

We haven't had a real summer here! It has been raining off and on since "summer" started yuck. So I am NOT ready for Fall.......Loive the quilt ♥

Hugs from the Netherlands